Into the Ministry of Lectors

by Chris Creo

LectorInstallation-4May2014-10LAST SUNDAY, 4 May, was a special day for me and my family—and two other families. On the 11am Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne our Archbishop installed me and two other Filipinos to the Ministry of Readers or Lectors. This is the first step in our formal preparation for our diaconal ordination, come November. The next step is the installation as duly instituted Acolytes, which we will be undergoing on the end of the month.

As we were on our way to the cathedral, my wife said to me: “Dad, this is it…after six years!” I did not know how to react. As I drove, I was searching my feelings but I can’t feel anything—or more precisely, I cannot explain what I was feeling then.

The clarity of feeling came to me when I was sitting listening to the Archbishop’s homily. Yes, indeed! The fruit of six years of formation and discernment is coming to its conclusion. That realisation came especially when I recall just two years ago, I was one of the faithful witnessing the same liturgical ceremonies for the two groups who were ahead of us. Two subsequent years, I was sitting on the side aisle watching them as they responded with the same “AMEN” as I did when the Archbishop entrusted to me the responsibility of being a proclaimer of the Scriptures.


From left: Me, Danny, Archbishop Hart and Neil after the Mass.

During the homily I tried to reflect; digest and internalize every word the Archbishop was saying. But in particular I will try to keep in mind—and heart—what he said about the responsibility of one who is to be proclaimers of God’s good news and that is to love the Word of God in order to “see the people with the mind and heart of Jesus.”

The Archbishop also reflected on the significance and appropriateness of that 3rd Sunday of Easter for our installation as Lectors. The gospel reading was about the two disciples on their way to Emmaus. Just like the two disciples, the three of us are also on a journey; a journey that seeks to change us to be more Christ-like.

The diaconal journey is not just to gain knowledge about the Church, Church teachings, liturgical rites, etc. but as a journey of conversion in order to reflect Christ as we serve his people. See the people with Christ’s mind and heart so that as deacons we may serve them as Christ would have.

And so, the journey continues…


1 thought on “Into the Ministry of Lectors

  1. Chris…thank you for sharing your story. It has been a long journey, but I know you and the others will make fine deacons.

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